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WinDjView is like the Adobe Reader with file types "DJV" and "DJVU"
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WinDjView is like the Adobe Reader. The file extensions are "DJV" and "DJVU".
The main thing about this is that the file sizes are very much smaller. It is smaller than regular PDF. But the quality of the pictures will not be good.

In PDF, texts and pictures can be inserted. Generally, texts which are scanned from any document or paper are in the form of pictures. The Adobe Acrobat has a feature that makes the text in picture to be recognized as words. So, we can easily search for a particular word.

The texts, in the form of small pictures (searchable texts) are most benefited from this, that the file sizes are small. So, we can easily search for texts. These type of programs are generally in one style, that of the adobe reader / acrobat.

The files do not have much security settings and other advanced features of adobe like the 3D. But for general use and distribution of documents over internet, this one is rally useful. Many pirated ebooks are available in this format! Just like PDF, this is also becoming popular. But it is mainly used with small files, which do not have / need much quality pictures.

Zack Martin
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  • Freeware
  • Small File Size
  • Small program
  • Speedy in operation


  • Less security settings
  • Not easy to convert to other formats
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